Residential Electrical Services


What We Can Do For You

Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical Safety InspectionThis inspection includes an evaluation of income power supply including the meter base and service panel. The outlets and switches in each room , garage and any outdoor outlets. We check to see if your smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are working and up-to-date. We offer a free change your battery service included in the cost of the inspection fee. We will give you a written evaluation of the electrical system in your house, complete with recommendations that will bring it up to todays ESA standards.


Upgrade Your System, Panels and Devices

Panels UpgradeService Panel Upgrades from 60 amp to 100 amp, 125 amp or 200 amp including circuit breakers.
Such as adding of Ground Fault circuit Interrupters to prevent shocks in wet locations such out doors around Hot tub and pools and with in 3 feet of a sink or tub.

Arc Fault Interrupters, either Circuit Breakers or Receptacles, help to prevent fires that are caused by small low wattage plugin devices such as table lamp and charging devices, that if they start to arc would not draw enough amperage to trip a standard circuit breaker or fuse.
Back Up generators and Back up Battery Systems. Call to see what is best for you.

We offer hole home panel Surge Protection, to protect your valuable electronics from damage in away that power bar protection along cannot . This can protect expensive electronic control broads in High Efficiency Furnaces and even modern stove, refrigerators and dishwashers.


electrical repairs for home and officeWe do all types of electrical repairs for home and office.

Repair and replace lighting fixtures, to finding and repairing problems with no power in circuits. Or helping you find the right energy saving lighting solution.



Pool or Hot TubWe can help keep you safe in your Pool or Hot Tub

It is important to understand all of the rule that cover the grounding and Ground Fault Protection around Pools and Hot Tubs, we will help you understand why they are so important in keeping your family safe.